10 DIY projects to take on before selling your home!

1. Carpets Cleaned
I would definitely recommend this if you have pets. 

It is very easy to rent carpet cleaners if you do not own one. Stores like Safeway, Walmart, etc all carry carpet cleaners that you can rent out! Use carpet cleaning foam sprays for spot cleaning if the majority of the carpets are clean. 

2. Give your mouldings a touch up 
If your moldings are chipped, give them a quick touch-up. Do the same to any walls that have scuff marks or stains.  

3. Spruce up your deck! 
If you have outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, make it look as inviting as possible. Upgrade existing outdoor furniture by purchasing new cushions or pillows, give your grill a good cleaning, and add some potted plants or flowers. 

4. Freshen up your front door 
Give it a coat of paint and replace your house numbers with a more modern font. Stores like Home Depot and even Walmart have a wide selection. Be sure to keep your entryway tidy, you don’t welcome potential buyers with clutter. That means no stray shoes or sets of keys by the door. 

5. Remove roof moss 
Moss may make buyers think your roof is old and will need to be replaced soon. If you have the nerve to get up on your roof, it’s simple to remove moss: just use a long-handled scrub brush to scour it loose, working down the roof to keep from lifting and breaking the shingles. Don’t use a pressure washer — the power of the spray could damage shingles. 

6. Make sure your mechanics are in working order 
A common question I get during open houses is if the boiler/furnace has been updated. Make sure to have it inspected and clean the area around it. 

7. Clear your closets! 
If you remove half the items in your closet and then neatly organize the remaining clothing, the closets will instantly appear larger — a big plus to buyers. I remember having a buyer not remove subjects at the last minute because the wife thought the master bedroom closet was too small! 

8. Update your outlets
 If your electrical outlets and switches are outdated and yellowed, replace them with a more modern version. Make sure to use the same style in each room for a uniform look. Replace your switch plates too if they’re looking a little dingy. I would recommend updating electrical outlets from an electrician.  

9. Replace your toilet seats It’s an inexpensive upgrade that goes a long way toward making your bathroom appear updated. Ditto a new shower curtain and a fresh coat of grout in the shower. 

10. Replace knobs and pulls 
If your kitchen cabinets or drawers are on the older side but you don’t have the time or inclination to redo them, replace the knobs and pulls with a more modern or unique version. This is an inexpensive task, yet it can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s appeal.