A Checklist for Moving

Posted on Feb 13, 2017

MOVING! The very thought of it can send chills down our spine and can cause us to break out into a cold sweat. Experts say that any kind of "change" creates "stress". Moving, (and especially if we are relocating to a new city or province), represents a huge change and naturally brings a great amount of stress along with it. This can be a double wha...

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China’s Largest Company Just Partnered To Sell US & Canadian Real Estate

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

Just when you thought foreign buying was starting to subside, two Chinese behemoths partner to ramp it up. Juwai, China’s largest foreign real estate platform, and Tencent have created a partnership to expand the reach of Chinese buyers in international markets. The deal is expected to grow the reach of both companies, but they might have a hard ti...

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Buying Your First Home is a Big Decision

Posted on Jan 16, 2017

Buying a home is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. The best -- and least stressful -- way to purchase a home is to be well educated throughout the process. 

Before you even start looking for a house to buy, you need to review your financial situation. This will let you know how much of a down payment you can afford and how large a m...

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Harjit Atwal - Condo Buyer's guide

Posted on Jan 12, 2017

Should I Buy a Condo? 

As single family home prices have risen, many consumers have been looking to condominiums as an alternative. First time buyers like the lower prices, which makes entry into the real estate ownership market easier. Seniors like the low maintenance aspect and the ability to be in a community catering to their lifestyle. Others l...

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How to Buy a Home Before It's Built: Pre-Sale Condo Tips

Posted on Jan 08, 2017

Thinking of buying a pre-sale condo? You might be tempted by the tantalizing array of pre-sale development units available in the Lower Mainland, some with attractive incentives. 

Here's how it works. When you agree to buy a pre-sale unit, you're actually entering into a contract for the right to receive and an obligation to pay for a finished condo...

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A heated year for Metro Vancouver real estate draws to a close

Posted on Jan 07, 2017


A heated year for Metro Vancouver real estate draws to a close

The Metro Vancouver housing market had its third highest selling year on record in 2016, behind only 2015 and 2005.

Sales of detached, attached and apartment properties in the region reached 39,943 in 2016, a 5.6 % decrease from the 42,326 sales recorded in 2015, and a 20.6 % increase ove...

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